Who were the first to bring Tape Extensions into Australia?

Angel & Black Diamond Tape Extensions are made by the same company that brought the original Tape Extensions into Australia & New Zealand – HairTalk.

Tape Extensions are now the largest selling, most popular extension method on the market.  Celebrity Brandz offers you the very best in Tape Extensions.  When looking at tape extensions, it is important to identify 3 key areas of quality.  1.  Quality of the hair 2.  Quality of the Tapes Bonds 3.  Quality of the sticky area of the tapes.  Angel & Black Diamond Extensions put a huge amount of effort into ensuring you get the best product – All the Time.

What do you need to look out for when considering Tape Extensions?

  • FAST – A full head of extension in only 30-45mins

  • REUSABLE – Can be removed and retaped to be used again

  • REMY – No matting, silky smooth hair

  • GENTLE – Will not damage your hair, can be applied to short or damaged hair

  • REMOVAL – Super Quick, without damage or messy residual left in the hair.

  • COMFORTABLE – You won’t believe you are wearing extensions

  • Celebrity Extensions are 100% Human Hair & 100% Remy.  Remy is important as it means that all the cuticle on the hair are running in the same direction and this ensures your hair will be silky smooth and will not matt.

What lengths do the extensions come in?

Angel come in 2 lengths 20”/50cm and 24”/60cm and is made of Asian Hair

Black Diamond comes in 2 lengths 14”/35cm and 20”/50cm and is made of Premium South American Hair

The extensions are also come in 3 pack sizes.

50 Tapes = Full Head

25 Tapes  = Half Head

10 Tapes = Top Up pack.

What is Slimline? & What is Regular?

Celebrity Brandz was the first company to bring the Original tapes into the market, these measured 4x0.9cm.  This is what most of the industry use today.  However, Celebrity found that the market needed a smaller, more comfortable tape.  A tape that sits in the hair flatter and has less drag on the scalp – Celebrity calls this their Slimline Range, measuring only 3x0.9cm.

How many Colours?

The colour blends are amazing, so natural and some outrageous.  22 Natural colours (including Ombre) so it is easy to mix and create the perfect colour blend or add highlights & lowlights and 5 Candy Colours to add a dash of Zany to your hair – just for fun.

Download the Extensions Colour Chart.

Are the Tape Extensions Guaranteed?

Yes, they are, and as long as the Celebrity Extensions Care Products are used and proof of purchase can be provided.  Please see the full Terms & Conditions.

It's all in the Brand Name.

All of the styles sold by Celebrity Brandz are made to the highest standards. After 58 years in the hair industry, we know how to produce the finest quality. Our experience ensures that you get the latest fashion, most comfortable fit and most natural appearance.

What makes Celebrity Wigs the most trusted and recognised in the market?

Celebrity Wigs is one of the oldest brands in the Australian market – we are 58 years in the making.  It was Celebrity Wigs which pioneered so many of the trends and today still can claim to be at the fashion edge in bringing today’s customers the latest in fashion.

Celebrity Wigs is trusted because we put the customer first.  We don’t sell $2,500 wigs; we don’t sell “customised” wigs.  All our wigs are in stock, in our warehouse and ready to wear.  Our wigs are affordable and of excellent quality (they have to be otherwise you don’t stay in business for 58 years)

Wearing a wig comfortably.

A good fit means feeling comfort and confidence. A small face and features with head size less than 54cm should consider Petite (small-average) styles. Average heads are between 54-55cm and larger sizes are over 55cm. Every wig features adjustable Velcro tabs for individual sizing and a fit just perfect for you. Our cap less construction is designed for exceptional confirm on a light, airy base

How is a Wig Made?  What I need to Know?

There are several constructions methods for wigs each having its advantages and cost to the end product.

Machine Made Cap Construction

This is the most popular and economical method of wig construction. The wig is fully machine made and has the advantage of the wefts being uniform and tightly placed together.  The Cap construction is 100% cotton allows for very good airflow and wearability.  Some caps will have a lace section inside under the crown, giving extra comfort to the wearer. In addition a Skin Section can be added to the parting area of the wig creating the illusion of a natural scalp.


Capless construction is also Machine Made and has the benefit of being very light in weight and cost effective.  Rather than a lace section in the crown, the fibre of the wig is teased at the base to create lift and fullness.  Not all wigs require the construction of lace or skin sections.  Sometimes, less is best and the use of differing construction techniques and benefit the style as well as the final price for the style.

Monofilament (Mono Top)

Mono styles uses a super lightweight yet strong translucent netting in the crown area, which the hair is hand tied to. The Monofilament is almost completely disappears, making it appear as if the wig hair is growing out of the scalp.  Mono is mostly used in parting sections or over the entire crown.  This is where hair growth is most visible. The added benefit of Mono is that the hair in that section is hand tied allowing it to be styled in a free flowing way.

What is better – human hair or synthetic?

Synthetic wigs are pre-styled and cannot be easily or dramatically altered, nor can the colour be changed. Celebrity Wigs are known for their ease – Just “shake and wear”!  The fibre is remarkable close to human hair but is much lighter in weight and a lot less expensive. Synthetic wigs come in the latest style and designer colours and now have the added benefit of Heat resistant fibre, meaning that they can be styled with heated tools, just like your own hair..

Human hair wigs need to be styled to your individual needs and like your own hair, they have to be restyled after washing. They require a lot more of your time and effort, these are NOT “shake and wear”. In some cases, you can change the colour. Often, however, human hair wigs may have had a lot of processing and will not be suitable for re-colouring. Human hair is more expensive than synthetic and does not offer as extensive colour range. In some case a human hair wig can be as much as 10 times the cost of a synthetic wig.  Think about it, you can buy 10 synthetic wigs to one human hair wig.

Ready for dramatic change.

Think of your wigs as you would of any other fashion accessory. The beauty of a wig from Celebrity Wigs is the new look you can achieve instantly. If you are going to change your style, consider the shape of your face to determine what style is right for you. An oval or heart shaped face can wear any style. A round or square shaped face needs height at the top and brushed close to the sides. A long or narrow face needs to maximise height at the top but add volume at the sides. However, we ask that you see yourself in perspective, select a style that fits your personality and lifestyle.

Washing frequency.

Usually wash after wearing 12-15 times. Always keep your own hair clean while wearing a wig to reduce the need for washing. You will receive full washing and care instructions with each purchase. Only use Wig Care Shampoo, Conditioner, Wax Spray, Hair Spray, Styling Lotion and protector. If you would like the purchase these products please see the Accessories section.

Wear a wig from Celebrity Wigs with confidence.

Each wig design is carefully selected for its unique, contemporary style and is of the highest quality; otherwise we would not put our name to it. Our goal is always the same; Superb Comfort, Natural Looking, Today's Fashion, Easy and Comfortable to wear.

Colour Considerations.

Always remember that darker colours add years, while lighter colours can subtract years. As you age, natural colour fades and loses vibrancy this is when you need colour the most. First consider the colour of your skin as well as your eyes, choose a colour that will enhance them. Consider going a shade lighter or selecting natural colour. For the best natural colour selection send a sample of your own hair or a clipping from a favourite wig. Take the sample from the top or front - not from the back, which is always darker.

Download the Wigs Colour Chart.

How is it that Celebrity Wigs look so natural?

The answer is not that simple, the Art and Technology going into making wigs is very complex.

The art to a good wig/hairpiece is in the colour blending. The colour should have depth, highlights and contrast. Often the colour can be the difference between healthy and natural or dry and lifeless. The technology is in the fibre, silky lustre, without damaged ends.

Can you trim and style my wig?

The simple answer is yes. We strongly recommend that only a professional hairdresser cut and style your wig to the style that best suits you.  Remember, once you have cut the wig it doesn’t re-grow.

How long will the style and shape of my wig last?

Celebrity Wigs synthetic fibre has a memory built into the fibre, wash – dry & shake.  To ensure you wig keeps its style and shape, you need to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions, use our recommended products and take proper care of it.

Can I change the colour of my wig or hairpiece?

You cannot change the colour of a synthetic wig or hairpiece; however, some human hair wigs can be re-coloured.

Can I style my wig or hairpiece?

Celebrity Wigs has pioneered the use of Hi Heat Fibre.  In the longer styles or styles that you could have fun styling, we have used the Hi Heat Fibre.  You can use straightening irons, curlers, hot rollers and hot tongs – the fibre will resist heat up to 180 degrees Celsius.  Before using your styling tools, use it in a small inconspicuous area of the wig, at the back, to test your heat rating of the appliance.  Not all styles have the Hi Heat Fibre – so take care.

Delivery of Orders

All orders within Australia are despatched via a courier service. Depending on your location, delivery to your door is no longer than 48 hours. All courier parcels are tracked and can be located if needed. Deliveries outside of Australia are sent Airmail unless otherwise nominated.


How long will it take?

We make every effort to speed exchanges and refund, but please be patient. Sometimes it may take many days before your return reaches us. Just as soon as we receive it, we rush to fill your request. 

Tell us if you’re moving.

In order for us to continue to serve you, please advise us of any change of name or address details. If you have moved or are planning to move in the future, please Contact us so we can update our records and continue to send you your FREE Celebrity Wigs catalogue.


In order to simplify the prices for sale items, we have rounded the price of all products on our online store to the nearest dollar. This will make the reconciliation process simpler for you and for us. Thank you for your understanding.